Audit service


Reduce Costly Decisions

To avoid expensive mistakes, it's important to audit your code early on in the development process, which can help prevent potentially disastrous security vulnerabilities after your product is launched.


Unique Assessment

Experienced security experts will manually review your code with common and unique methods to ensure that all potential security threats are identified and addressed.


Analysis Automation

Our technology offers affordable and efficient security options for smart contracts, providing peace of mind that your code is well-protected against potential threats.


Simply Integrable

Our tools can easily integrate into your development environment, allowing you to conduct continuous security analysis while you work on your project.


Consistent Monitoring

With our services, you can inspect your code for security vulnerabilities as you write and make changes, ensuring that your product remains secure throughout the development process.


Arias’s Report

You will receive a detailed vulnerability report that includes an executive summary, specific vulnerability details, and guidance on how to mitigate any identified risks.

Aria’s 5 steps process:

step 1

You'll have an initial meeting with Aria's lead auditor to discuss your requirements and initiate the audit process.

step 2

Upon receiving all the necessary documentation and artifacts, Aria will assess the workload and provide you with a quote for the audit.

step 3

If the quote is accepted, our team of auditors will independently review your code and documentation. They will verify compliance with the provided specifications, conduct automated analyses, run the test suite, and evaluate test coverage.

step 4

Aria's auditors will next get together to discuss and resolve any discrepancies in their findings and offer fixes and suggestions as necessary.

step 5

Throughout the audit process, our team will maintain communication with your team to address any further information or clarifications required.

What is Smart Contract Audit?

A smart contract audit is a meticulous examination of every line of code in a smart contract to detect and resolve any bugs or vulnerabilities, ensuring the highest level of security for a blockchain project.

As most people lack the expertise to accurately review smart contract code on their own, skilled auditors play a crucial role in helping users make informed decisions by identifying, explaining, and mitigating potential risks.

Given that web3 platforms and DeFi projects safeguard billions of dollars in value, ensuring robust blockchain security is imperative for the survival and success of these projects. Advanced tools such as formal verification add an additional layer of assurance by providing mathematical guarantees on the behavior of smart contracts.

Our approach combines expert manual review of smart contract code with state-of-the-art AI and mathematical techniques to ensure that contracts function as intended. Leveraging our industry-leading audit methodology, experience, and tooling, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the code’s logic and behavior to ensure that the program operates securely and efficiently.