Our team, consisting of security professionals with expertise in auditing smart contracts, as well as developing blockchain implementations for various organizations. We are focused on facilitating the adoption of Web3 technology through our leading security services. Comprised of experienced individuals from top cyber security units at IDF, our global and tightly-knit team is dedicated to promoting the widespread use of Web3 by leveraging our industry knowledge and experience.

Lavi - CEO & Co-Founder

Lavi is a technology entrepreneur with significant expertise in finance and investing. He has over 5 years experience as an investor and algorithm developer (including Deep Learning and AI) operating in the cryptocurrencies and digital assets markets, and over 7 years of experience as a cybersecurity professional. Lavi is a former IDF 8200 officer, and holds an M.Sc in Applied Mathematics from Tel-Aviv University under the supervision of Prof. Lior Wolf

Alon - CTO & CO-Founder

Alon Patelsky is an internet entrepreneur with a solid track record as an investor in cryptocurrencies. He co-founded an ad-tech company which developed a proprietary bidding algorithm. Alon served in the National Centre of Encryption and Information, gaining extensive experience in researching and developing cyber security solutions. He holds a B.Sc in Computer Science from Reichman University.

Ziv - Co-Founder & Chairman

Ziv is a serial entrepreneur, with extensive experience across various industries, including Fintech, Health-tech and E-commerce. He is also a renowned public speaker and social activist, part of Forbes ‘30 Under 30’. Ziv served as a Captain in the IDF, where he was severely wounded in combat, achieving numerous awards and medals for his rehabilitation. Ziv holds an LL.B from Reichman University

Orr - VP Compliance & Legal

Orr is a corporate lawyer, specializing in commercial law and regulation. He has experience in strategy consulting in the Tech industry, specifically with Google, among others, and as COO of a Fintech start-up. Orr served as a Deputy Battalion Commander (with the rank of Major) in the IDF, and holds an MPA in Economic Policy from the London School of Economics

In our vision, we see Aria as a trusted partner for blockchain projects, providing comprehensive and transparent audits that instill confidence in the minds of our clients and the wider blockchain community. We see ourselves as thought leaders, contributing to the development of best practices and industry standards for smart contract security. We see Aria as a beacon of trust, leading the way in building a secure and reliable web3 ecosystem.