Your AI Smart Contract Audit Companion

Securing Smart Contracts with AI-powered Fuzzing Integrated into Your Web3 Stack

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Why Aria?

Fuzzing-as-a-service platform with agent-driven simulations that learn and understand contract logic. seamlessly integrated into your CI/CD workflow.

Integrate easily

Aria comes to you, weaving security expertise into your existing IDEs, repos, and workflows.

Scan continuously

Aria monitors for vulns while you develop, using industry-leading security intelligence.

Fix with a click

Aria provides actionable fix advice in your tools. With auto PRs, you can merge and move on.

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Smart Audit Process

Our goal is to provide you with a fast & comprehensive assessment that enhances the overall functionality and security of your smart contract.

Coverage-Guided Fuzzing

Utilize greybox fuzzing to increase code coverage with targeted inputs.

Intelligent Input Prediction

Systematically identify inputs to cover new code segments effectively.

Simulation of Transaction Sequences

Simulate multiple transactions for comprehensive function interaction testing.

Future-proof Testing with Time Machine

Simulate different time intervals to identify potential future issues.

Efficient Incremental Fuzzing

Obtain quick feedback when fuzzing previously tested code.

Custom Fuzzing Sequences

Provide specific transactions to enhance coverage and analyze critial code sections.

What You’ll Get

Our Solution delivers a thorough analysis to clients, including output, code review, and testing to ensure the contract functions smoothly, securely, and efficiently. Our process identifies potential vulnerabilities and recommends best practices to optimize your contract’s performance, aligning with your business objectives.